Probate & Guardianship

Probate is the court process by which the estate plan is often put into action.  The probate process enables the court to supervise the transfer of a deceased person’s property to whom they have chosen.  We represent Personal Representatives, fiduciaries, individuals and beneficiaries in Wisconsin probate courts by:

  • Filing all the necessary pleadings
  • Preparing all documents
  • Preparing income tax returns for the estate
  • Handling any required estate tax returns
  • Counseling surviving spouses and relatives during this difficult time

Guardianship is the court process by which an individual or corporation is appointed to make decisions for someone  else.  This includes decisions related to both personal finances as well as medical care.  The inability to make decisions may be a result of a traumatic injury, being born with a disability, or infirmities of aging.  Everson &  Gibbs provides assistance to individuals concerned with helping those in need of Guardianship and of Protective Placement.

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